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“The easiest vision of the Mattaponi off North Vietnam is as an old gun fingter. Her quick draw was an emergency breakaway with a destroyer and DLG* or CLG* along her sides. Evasive maneuvers were her way of getting out of Dodge. This is important in a theater where the good guy always returns fire after being fired upon – rules of engagement for land based targets – so the Russians can get out of the way.” – Dennis C. Miller

DLG’s and CLG’s are old converted “big destroyers” and WW2 cruisers outfitted with landing pad for one Sea King helicopter and guided missiles for air defense against Soviet Migs, jet fighter aircraft.


Underway Replenishments 1-7 October 1966

1 October 1966
0814 USS F D Roosevelt CVA-42 Port
0829 USS Chandler DD-717 Stbd
1649 USS Dale DLG19 Port
???? Unnamed-Secured 0200 ????
2 October 1966
0510 USS Newell DER-322 Port
1028 USS Advance MSO-510 Stbd
1341 USS St. Paul CA-73 Port
1345 USS Larson DD-830 Stbd
1448 USS Walke DD-723 Stbd
1750 USS Repose AH-16 Stbd
3 October 1966
0104 USS Hanson DD-832 Stbd
0705 USS Uhlmann DD-687 Stbd
0851 USS Constant MSO-427 Stbd
1011 USS Hull DD-945 Stbd
1701 USS Energy MSO-436 Stbd


4 October 1966
0045 USS Loyalty MSO-457 Stbd
0812 USS Hissem DER-400 Stbd
???? Unnamed-Secured 1212 Stbd
1435 USS Camp DER-251 Port
1656 USS Buckley DD-808 Port
1544 USS Epping Forest LSD-4 Port
5 October 1966
0110 USS Wilhoite DER-397 Port
0405 USS Warbler MSC-206 Stbd
0749 USS Savage DER-386 Port
1021 USS Albatross MSC-289 Stbd
1409 USS Vega AF-59 Port
6 October 1966
Posing as a merchant
7 October 1966
0430 USS Neches AO-47, Sistership Port

The USS Mattaponi AO-41 played a valuble role in the Sea Dragon operation, keeping ships supplied with fuel and ammo. The week of 22-28 October was the heaviest week of underway replenishment operations in the history of Mattaponi – 47 customer ships including 17 on 25 October. The Mansfield was ship 16 serviced that day.

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