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Mario Aguas QMSN (64-66) Email
Nicholas Anastaiow SN (69-71) Email
Paul L. Anderson CDR (CO) (69-70) R.I.P.
John W. Armstrong BT1 (62-68) R.I.P.
Cliff Arnett BT3 (61-63) R.I.P.
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Michael C. Backlund ENT2 (65-67) Email
Julian Barnes GM3 (57-58) Email
Ronald H. Barnes SM3 (52-56) Email
Charles Barnette SA (44-46) Email
Harry “Pete” Barnhart ET2 (61-63) Email
Eddie C. Bateson ME3 (49-52) R.I.P.
Norman Beesley LTjg (62-64) Email
David A. Beltran * (64-65) Email
James T. Benham FT2 (57-59) Email
Bernard Beranek 1stLt/GunOff (63-65) Email
John Bickel S1CTM (44-45) R.I.P.
Malcolm Bidwell MM2 (62-63) R.I.P.
Charles R. “Dick” Biltz FA (49-50) Email
Edward A. Bishop, Jr. RD3 (52-55) Email
Richard Blakeney SN (62-64) Email
Bill Bolen MM2 (62-66) R.I.P.
Greg Bollman SK3 (68-70) Email
William S. Bowen SO3 (48-50) Email
Dick Bowman QM2 (48-50) Email
Norman Boyack SN (48-52) Email
Earl I. Boyer EMPFN (51-52) Email
Orville Bradley SN (45-45) Email
John Bragg BT2 (69-70) Email
Arthur Brown BM3 (62-65) Email
Gerald Brown EN2 (56-59) Email
Horace Brown MM2 (64-66) Email
(2nd Tour) MM1 (68-70) Email
John E. Brown LT (45-46) Email
Warren D. Brown STG1 (65-66) Email
Robert L Broyles BT3 (61-63) Email
Allen A. Brueckner MMCM (61-66) Email
Louis “Bert” Brunett RD3 (63-65) Email
George Bryan GM3 (59-61) Email
George Buckle FM (49-50) R.I.P.
Gerald Budge SN (57-59) Email
Michael Budziszewski (c/o daughter Sandy Budziszewski-Salyer) BM3 (48-52) Email
Gary Bullington LTjg/CommOff (67-69) Email
Connie “Ron” Burton, Jr. YNSN (54-59) Email
John (Fred) Butts HM2 (56-57) Email
Jesse Byars MM2 (60-61) Email
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Clarence Cagle, Jr. QMSN (60-64) R.I.P.
Ed Carrico (aka Carlson) RMSN (63-66) Email
Walt Carter FT1 (50-54) R.I.P.
Michael B. Case SFP3 (63-66) R.I.P.
Ralph B. Casto TMC (55-57) R.I.P.
Richard Caternang ETRSN (57-58) Email
Cecil L. “Bud” Cavender SH2 (48-52) Email
Alfred Chafe JO2 (52-54) Email
Larry Chandler BM3 (65-69) Email
Wayne Chandler GMG3 (67-71) Email
Ron Choquette QM3 (66-68) Email
Steven “Doc” Christian (Pearson) SA (64-66) Email
Fred Clapp RD2 (58-61) R.I.P.
Don Clark ETN3 (56-58) Email
Jim Clarke QM3 (62-65) Email
John Joseph Cortright SN1/C (44-46) Email
Bill Costilow SN (51-53) Email
Dick Couch LTjg (67-69) Email
Robert Coulter ENS (67-69) R.I.P.
Larry Cover SK3 (60-64) Email
Tom Cramer LTjg/ChiefEngineer (63-64) Email
Ronald G. Cron RM3 (67-68) R.I.P.
Russell W. Crooks, Jr. ENS (67-69) Email
Richard Crossman SM2 (66-68) Email
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Dennis Danaher IC2 (65-68) Email
George Danforth HMC (66-68) R.I.P.
Bob Danly STG3 (65-67) Email
Alan R. Dean SK3 (61-63) R.I.P.
Rick DeLay BT3 (68-69) Email
Floyd Delgrosso GM2 (43-46) Email
Dan DeYoung SK3 (68-70) Email
Lowell Didas FN (66-68) Email
Donaldson QMC (61-65) Email
Joseph Dowell GMG3 (66-68) Email
William Dunn GMG3 (66-68) Email
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Dale Ebeling RD3 (65-67) R.I.P.
Paul “Peewee” Edens SCGM (42-48) Email
Raymond S. Edwards FT3 (54-58) R.I.P.
Robert Edwards ET3 (60-63) R.I.P.
Fred Engel SN1/C (46-47) Email
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Bob Falkman SN (67-69) Email
Larry Farley EM3 (65-67) Email
David Faust SO2 (60-62) Email
John Feathers RD3 (52-56) Email
James Felder SM2 (70-71) Email
Richard “Rick” Felty SMC USN Ret. (65-68) R.I.P.
Mike Fetty SN (69-71) Email
Rich Fichtelman LT (69-71) Email
Mike Ficken SN (67-68) Email
Frank Fincher IC3 (51-53) R.I.P.
Gerald A. Foster MM3 (64-65) R.I.P.
Cash Franklin RM2 (63-66) Email
James R. Frazier MM3 (63-66) Email
Charles W.Freeman EM1 (54-58) Email
Richard Freeman DC3 (64-66) Email
Gary Fuller SN (66-69) Email
Stanley Frye MM3 (68-69) Email
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George Gallagher MR1 (66-70) Email
Jim Gallagher RD2 (68-71) Email
William T. Gatlin GM3 (63-66) R.I.P.
William Gavin Ens/Navigator (70-70) Email
Robert George SN (65-66) Email
Norman Gheen PN3 (52-54) Email
Douglas Gibbon BM3 (66-68) Email
Roy W. Gibson SK3 (50-52) Email
Rick Giesenschlag RD3 (52-54) Email
Gary E. Gilfoy SN (69-71) Email
Ron Goffinet MM3 (67-71) Email
Charles E. Gosnell LT/WeapsOff (67-69) R.I.P.
Jerry Graham STG3 (66-69) Email
Dave Grandy FA (66-68) Email
Ulysses S. Grant MM3 (61-62) Email
David Greenberg SN (67-68) Email
Jack R. Griffin CDR (67-69) R.I.P.
Walter H. Guffey BM3 (44-46) Email
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Ken F. Haley IC3 (58-61) Email
Earl D. Hall RM3 (55-58) Email
Edward Hall EM2 (61-63) Email
J. Hamer MM2 (66-68) Email
Elwood Hanchey MM3 (65-69) Email
Charles Harman FT2 (55-56) Email
Tom Harper ADJ3 (66-69) Email
Don E. Harrington LTjg (52-55) R.I.P.
Robert Hawkins BTFN (53-55) Email
John Hendricks LTjg (62-66) Email
Harry Henry CS1 (64-66) Email
Robert L. Henry, Captain (Ret.) Lt. JG (65-67) Email
Jim Henson MM3 (50-53) Email
Dick Herrington RM3 (58-61) Email
Geoff Hobin FTG3 (66-69) Email
Ralph Hokanson SN (63-65) Email
Lee Holbert FTG2 (69-69) Email
Kent “Swede” Holmgren BT3 (61-64) Email
Ronald Hopkins     Email
Sam Horn QM3 (49-52) R.I.P.
Michael Hotaling STG3 (67-71) Email
Carl Howard SN (65-66) Email
Reid L. Hudson ET (48-48) Email
Ronald (Ron) Hyers FT3 (56-57) Email
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Tim Ireland ICC (64-66) Email
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Dale Jaggars SK3 (62-64) Email
Harry James FTG3 (63-67) Email
Rayburn Jarred MMCS (68-71) Email
Stan Jaynes RM3 (65-67) R.I.P.
Richard “Mike” Jenkins RM (57-58) Email
Beryl Jensen GM2 (51-54) Email
Wayne Jensen DC3 (64-67) Email
Charles A. Johnson, Jr. FM (51-52) Email
Gary Johnson MM1 (55-58) Email
Peter Johnson, Jr. Ens (48-49) Email
Warner Johnson CS3 (66-68) Email
Timothy Johnston SN (69-71) Email
Harold “Jonesy” Jones BM2 (50-50) Email
James Joplin MM2 (69-70) Email
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Clifford Kahnk RD2 (55-57) Email
Gary Keisling FTGSN (67-68) Email
Robert W. Kesteloot XO-LCDR (67-68) R.I.P.
David Killebrew STG3 (64-67) Email
Henry Kimball SN (66-69) Email
Jerry Kirkendall MMFN (65-66) Email
Bob Kirkhuff RM3 (64-66) Email
Bruce Kittredge BT3 (52-52) Email
Frank Knapp MMCS (67-70) Email
Ronald Kostritza SN (59-60) Email
Alvin Kragh MR2 (66-68) Email
Virgil Kring FTG2 (65-68) R.I.P.
Karl “Kris” Kristiansen SA (65-66) R.I.P.
Jerry Krupp LTjg/TAD (51-52) R.I.P.
John Kruse LT/ASW-Nav-Ops (51-54) Email
Randall Kuhn SFP2 (65-66) Email
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John Ladany SN/1C (52-53) Email
John Lambert BT3 (66-68) Email
Rodney “Guns” Lanthorne LTjg/2ndDivOff (68-70) Email
Frank A. LaRosa Jr. SN (69-70) Email
John (Jack) Larson SN (60-62) Email
Jim Laske BTCS (61-63) Email
Lefteris “Lefty” Lavrakas LT (45-47) Email
Larry Lawton RD1 (58-64) Email
Joseph Lenzen BT3 (68-71) Email
Philip R. Leonard QM2 (63-66) Email
Ed Levine BM Striker (59-60) Email
Doug Liden EN2 (65-67) Email
David Linstrom MMCM (60-62) Email
James Long EM3 (60-62) Email
William O. Lortz MML3C (51-52) R.I.P.
George L. Lovejoy QM(Striker) (45-46) Email
Bob Loyd STG3 (65-69) Email
John R. Lund MM2 (56-60) Email
LD (Bozo) Lynch ME3 (50-51) R.I.P.
Craig Lyon MM2 (66-69) Email
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John L. Magin FT3 (66-68) Email
M.R. “Buddy” MaGouirk RD2 (55-59) Email
Austin “Jack” Malcomb III ETR2 (66-69) Email
Bill Marcrum GMSN (61-66) R.I.P.
David Marcrum, Sr. FN (63-65) R.I.P.
J.J. Marold ETN2 (66-68) Email
Mike Martin BT1 (62-68) R.I.P.
Roy Martin RD3 (64-65) Email
Tom Martin MMFN (69-71) Email
Daniel Martinez F1C (44-46) R.I.P.
L.”Skeet” Mashburn SN1C (43-46) Email
John G. Mason IC2 (62-64) Email
Les Matheson RM1 (67-68) Email
David E. McClelland AT1 (66-68) Email
E.R. “Mac” McCloud RM2 (56-60) Email
Steve McCready LTjg/SUP (65-67) R.I.P.
Robert J. McDermott TMSN 1/C (50-54) Email
Ronald J. McGinnis RM1 (67-68) Email
Pat McGrath RDSN (51-52) R.I.P.
Jim McInnis MM2 (65-66) Email
Bill McKown LTjg (67-69) R.I.P.
Howell “Mac” McMorris MOM2C (47-50) Email
Dennis E. McNeil * (50-53) Email
Clarence “Mac” McQueen WT1C (44-45) R.I.P.
Bruce Michels Ens (58-61) Email
Franklin Miller SN (69-71) Email
Richard W “Dick” Miller FTG3 (61-63) Email
Robert L. Miller RM3 (60-63) Email
J.R. Milton RD2 (55-59) Email
Russ Mitchell SN (62-64) Email
Robert (Steve) Mitchell IC3(SS) (64-65) Email
Craig Moon MM3 (64-67) Email
Charles Moore SH1 (59-61) Email
Douglas Moore TMSN (69-70) Email
James Moore FA (57-58) Email
James P. Morrissey RD3 (62-64) Email
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Leo Napolitano MM2 (64-65) Email
Allen Nelson SN (46-49) Email
Sol Neumann EM3 (46-47) Email
Charles E. “Stubby” Newell MM1 (48-52) Email
Sherman “Newt” Newton EM2 (48-52) T.O.L.
Larry Noble MM3 (63-66) R.I.P.
James D. Norwood MMFN (57-61) Email
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Ken Oclassen ADJ3 (69-71) Email
Richard Oliver IC3 (66-67) Email
Charles L. Owen LTjg/EngOff (59-61) Email
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Heinz G. Park MM1 (66-68) Email
Paul A. “Pole” Pawlak ET3 (58-59) Email
Dorland Payne QMC (68-70) Email
John Peace BT3 (66-67) Email
Elliott B. (Mike) Pearson SHC (50-51) Email
Richard Pehl ETN2 (60-63) R.I.P.
James M. Penatzer TM3 (63-65) Email
Jerry Pennington RMSN (67-68) Email
Billy Phipps SN (50-52) Email
Ron Picard SM3 (54-58) Email
Jack A. Pina QM3 (57-59) Email
Bob (Patio) Pitoscia SM2 (66-69) Email
Frederick W. Pittsley FTG2 (68-70) Email
Wilbur Porter SN1/C (44-46) Email
Bob Powers MM1 (66-71) Email
Andy Price LT/EngOff (67-69) Email
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Mike Quigley ADR2 (66-66) Email
Greg Quinn SN (69-70) Email
Ken Quinn YN3 (68-70) Email
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George Ramsden RM3 (50-52) Email
Clifton Ransom FT2 (52-53) Email
Bob Reardon SN1/C (44-47) R.I.P.
Randolph Reese MM2 (66-70) Email
Anthony Retton BM3 (44-45) Email
Billie J. “Jack” Rhoten QM3 (49-55) R.I.P.
Gerald “Jerry” Richards FN1/C (44-46) Email
Billy Ringwald SK1 (61-62) Email
Clyde Eugene “Gene” Rittenhouse CS3 (51-53) Email
William “Bill” Robbins ADR3 (69-69) Email
Robert Rodenberger RM2 (63-66) R.I.P.
Pat Kelly Rogers LTjg (65-68) Email
Joseph Roper CDR (CO) (53-54) Email
Bob Rosendahl EMFN (69-71) Email
Joe “Rosy” Rosepink ME3 (54-56) Email
Raymond E. Rosley SN1/C (44-45) Email
Victor Roy ET3 (48-50) Email
Robert E. Ryan RMSN (52-53) Email
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Floyd Satterlee SM (65-66) Email
Dewey L. Saunders, Jr. BT2 (52-55) R.I.P.
James Sawyer BT2 (62-66) Email
Edward Scheiderer SN (67-68) Email
John Scheidt MMFN (61-63) Email
Gerard (Jerry) J. Schmitt SOG2 (62-64) Email
James E. Schondel MM3 (56-59) Email
Gerald “Jerry” Schulte RD3 (60-62) Email
Louis Sclafani LTjg/DC (66-69) R.I.P.
Bruce Scott MM2 (64-67) Email
Don Scott SN (59-60) Email
Larry Seymour YN3 (58-59) Email
Larry Shackelford SH3 (66-70) Email
Charles Shaffer EN3 (61-63) Email
George Shattuck MM2 (60-63) Email
Lewis H. Sheets SN (50-51) Email
Bob Shiels PN3 (68-70) Email
Harry L. Short RD3 (68-71) Email
Gary Showalter QM3 (59-60) Email
Robert Shreeves BM2 (67-68) Email
William Sloan FTG2 (63-64) Email
Jerry Smith YN2 (59-61) Email
John “Mike” Smith SOG2 (62-63) Email
Randy Smith HN (60-64) Email
Billy Snapp BT (63-66) Email
Fred R. Snowardt RDSN (61-62) Email
William Spohn ENFN (63-64) Email
Gere K. Sprague BM2 (62-67) Email
Charles M. Standley FT3 (50-54) R.I.P.
Bruce Starkey FT3 (52-55) R.I.P.
Forest Starns QMSN (51-53) Email
Bill Steinebach BT2 (55-56) Email
Al Stephens AT3 (68-69) Email
Milton Stephens SM2 (68-70) Email
Richard Sterling RD2 (64-68) Email
Tom Stibal MM3 (69-70) Email
Wm M. Stidham Barber (53-55) Email
Henk Straatman BM3 (68-71) Email
Norman J. Stringfield YNSN (66-68) Email
Cef Suarez SN (66-67) Email
Mike Sullivan RM3 (63-65) Email
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James E. Tabor CS3 (62-64) R.I.P.
Billy Taylor GM3 (51-55) Email
Donald R. Taylor RM2 (48-52) R.I.P.
Larry S. Taylor DC3 (67-71) R.I.P.
Thomas Tompkins EM2 (65-69) Email
Pat Toole CS3 (66-68) Email
Paul D. Toombs SK2 (63-65) Email
John Tortorici LTjg (66-69) Email
Gregory Trosky FTG3 (65-66) Email
Jose Gilbert “Gil” Trujillo SN (52-54) Email
James Tyson MM1 (49-51) R.I.P.
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Gerald Vance QMSN (50-52) R.I.P.
Gary Vantress RD2 (61-63) Email
Joseph Velkavrh RD2 (66-68) R.I.P.
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Clifton Wagoner CS3 (67-71) Email
Wiley K. Walden EM1 (67-69) Email
Wilson O. Washburn EN3 (61-62) Email
Donald R. Webb FT2 (56-59) R.I.P.
J. C. Webb EM3 (49-52) R.I.P.
Paul Webb YN2 (63-65) Email
Harold A. Wecker EM2 (49-52) Email
Bob Weisenthal RM3 (68-71) Email
John W. Wheeler BT2 (57-58) Email
Jackson Whitley SO3 (Plank Owner) (44-45) R.I.P.
Gary Wigley MM3 (65-69) Email
Gene Wilkins ETR3 (61-63) R.I.P.
Cass Wilson STC (65-68) Email
Wayne Wingrove BT3 (66-69) Email
Rodney Wirtz ETN2 (66-68) Email
Bill Wolper ET3 (48-50) Email
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Lawrence Yoder BT2 (65-67) R.I.P.
Thomas A. York LT (66-68) R.I.P.
Cleon Young BTFN (51-55) Email
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